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What is photo art? Discover Limited Pictures and Photographs

Art opens the viewer the opportunity to see things from a different angle. Experiencing things in a different way widens our horizon, that is why nugloss has set itself the mission of making more first-class photographs accessible to people. In most cases there is only one obstacle preventing young collectors and art lovers from buying a special image online or in the gallery. It is their available budget which restricts them from buying a unique piece of art.

Acrylic glass pictures, art prints and high quality murals

nugloss offers affordable alternatives to "common and expensive" art ,murals and also replaces the low-quality mass poster and canvas image. Thus, we will meet all art lovers, because each of the works - regardless of whether acrylic glass or photographic print - is limited and of high quality. The art prints are from established and multi-award winning photographers but also from highly talented newcomers Our artists are as different and unique as their works themselves. For this reason, every single photographer is carefully selected. There are no limits to the choice of motifs in the art pictures. Of breathtaking landscapes and moving animal pictures, to abstract backdrops and black and white pictures and portraits everyone finds his favorite motive. Empty walls are filled with life and each picture tells its own story. So the living room picture with the white sandy beach makes you dream of the distance and the city skylines make your heart beat faster. If you need a little motivation to cook, you will also find suitable motifs for the kitchen.

What makes photographic artwork so special in a room?

You can buy the most beautiful furniture and decorations, but nothing makes a room so special, like neatly decorated walls. Not surprisingly, considering that consumers spend 150 billion dollars on photo art and canvas every year. The selection of motifs can be overwhelming. But regardless of budget, the selection of photographic art is an important decision. After all, we live with our art. "Buy with your eyes and not with your ears. When people start collecting, it's easy to be influenced by other opinions. You should feel a connection to the acrylic glass image you are buying. "An impressive acrylic glass image by a photo artist will bring harmony and harmony to your home.

Buy pictures online on nugloss

The high-quality art prints stimulate the fantasies and allow to be exactly where you want to be. Our photographic art is sorted in the online gallery according to different criteria, thematically or in color, it provides an overview of all our works. There is something new to learn about nugloss artists and their moving intentions in the selection of motifs. The stories and intentions of each individual photographer are as moving as their artworks themselves. In order to constantly optimize and expand our repertoire of works, we are always informed about galleries, art fairs and artist studios all over the world. Naturally, we report on new products in detail. You are welcome to visit photo art on site. We are represented in various galleries and concept stores and like to arrange a consultation with one of our curators.

High-quality photographic art and prints at nugloss

All acrylic glass paintings meet highest quality requirements and are processed by specific processes, eg laminated on Aludibond, behind acrylic glass or set in high quality shadow gap frames made of real wood. On nugloss you can find both panorama, squareas well as landscape Photographs. From small sized to XXL images, there is a suiting solution for everyone. Our artists and photographs are assigned to different categories it eases up your search for the right exhibit. Since each motif is a special piece of art, we only choose the best materials and tune small bits into meaningful details. We work exclusively with german manufactories, to guarantee excellent quality within every acrylic glass picture.

Which piece of art suits me?

One way to find your piece of art with which you can build an impressive connection is keeping your eyes open on your next vacation. Hotel art was not very popular in the past, but today several boutique hotels enrich the experience of their guests with unusual photographic art. Once you find a matching exhibit that you want to buy, your next thought is probably where you should hang it and if it matches with everything else in the room. While most people hang art in their living room, dining room or bedroom, most homes neglect to decorate smaller areas such as bathrooms and entrances.

An interesting piece of art can really make those rooms truly memorable for your visitors. Once you have bought a piece, the final step is an appropriate framing. If you buy selected art from nugloss you might as well notice our various size and framing options. The universal "rule of thumb" is choosing a framework for your art and not for your room.

Exclusive and Limited - Find out more about nugloss

Here you will find photographs that are limited original productions and usually there are only 30 to 100 copies in various formats. Here, the nugloss appreciation system is worth mentioning. If a copy is sold, the value of the remaining photographs increases. With our configurator, you can easily configure each exhibit yourself. You can decide between finishes such as AluDibond, the classic acrylic glass picture or a high quality photo print with framing & frame color as well as the size of the picture. Of course, you can also fall back on our many years of experience and get a free curatorial consultation. This way, images can be bought that stand out from the crowd but still bring a touch of luxury to the walls.

Order photo art free of charge to your home

The artworks are carefully dispatched in special transport boxes to your home, including the necessary hanging facilities. delivered directly to the collector's home. From 70 € future nugloss photo art owners have the opportunity to buy high-quality images online. The price structure is very simple: no additional costs for packaging & shipping, no service fees and no additional taxes. If there is still hesitancy in the selection of the image, our new configurator helps. The Quick View also makes it easy to configure your favorite new personalized exhibit to see which size and finish will work best. Each acrylic glass picture of one of our photo artists is immediately available after completing the personalized finishing and will be delivered to your home in only a few working days. If your walls look a bit bare and cool at home, you can write works by our photographers on your wish list. So if you want to buy photo art, we are happy to advise you personally.

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