Norbert von Schillinger

Norbert von Schillinger
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About Norbert von Schillinger

Norbert von Schillinger lived in Spain for many years and worked there as a production manager for well-known film and photo productions. During this time he developed his passion and love for fine art photography. Von Schillinger is one of the pioneers of HDR photography, a photographic process in which high contrast photos are produced. The exceptional photographer uses this technique to deliberately overdraw motifs. The result is an unrealistic, mysterious-looking photograph from a classic photograph. This stylistic element often creates a representation between photo and painting.

Norbert von Schillinger attracted particular attention with his series "ghostpeople", in which people in motion are schematically and almost mystically visible in his photographs. For the photographer, this superimposition gives the motifs a unique dynamic and liveliness. Selected motifs from this celebrated photo series are available as limited editions from nugloss. Norbert von Schillinger lives in Berlin.

Photo art by Norbert von Schillinger: