Oleksandr Telesniuk

About Oleksandr Telesniuk

Oleksandr Telesniuk is a passionate photographer who passes on his aesthetic perceptions to the viewer through the prism of his camera. His story as a photographer begins in his childhood when, at the age of seven, he and his father - an amateur photographer - developed the first pictures in his own hobby laboratory.

Oleksandr has specialised in architectural photography for many years. As an artist he takes an unusual look at the structures of massive objects in urban space through his dynamic image compositions. His pictures bring the picturesque panoramas close to the viewer in a cold style and thus make visible the contrasts between solid, immobile, long-lived buildings and the chaotic, uncontrollable city life. Oleksandr often dares to photograph the architectural objects against the light source in order to show the viewer new, interesting perspectives in a bright, diffuse light spectrum.

The artist currently lives in his beloved city of Frankfurt am Main and works as a freelance photographer for various real estate magazines, architectural offices and advertising agencies. His second great passion is travelling, which he often combines with photography. Therefore, he participated several times in the design of numerous travel guides of the largest German cities.

Photo Art by Oleksandr Telesnuik: