Florian Ledoux

Florian Ledoux
Arctic Wildlife Photographer

About Florian Ledoux

With his impressive polar images, award-winning photographer Florian Ledoux expresses his passion for trying to preserve the ever-shrinking marine reserve in the northernmost regions of our planet. On his expeditions the photographer captures unique moments that threaten to disappear at any moment, supported by latest technologies such as his drone.

Not only does nature seem to change spontaneously in, this moment, but also in a long-term and moving way - evoked by our changing global environmental conditions. It seems like a fight against time to capture the uniqueness of the Arctic. By doing so Ledoux explores one of the greatest achievements of photography, visualizing the invisible through aesthetics and abstraction. So it seems as if the polar bear desperately needs to change the ice floes because literally, the ground melts under his feet. Birds are forced to line up as the habitat becomes increasingly scarce.

Florian Ledoux's passion for photography has already raised in young age. Later when he professionalized his hobby, he first became a photojournalist of the French naval forces, while he started his own parallel projects in Greenland. Above all, it is the beauty of the diverse Arctic wildlife which has always inspired him besides classical photography (as by Vincent Munier, Paul Nicklen, or Sebastião Salgado).


Ledoux's work has been published in such publications as National Geographic, Oceanographic, Photo Cult, The Guardian, BBC, and The Times released. Of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature and natural resources (also World Conservation Union, short: IUCN) he was recognized and presented, as well as in Museum Biosphere exhibited in Montreal.

His philosophy

The most memorable time was without a doubt the encounter with these majestic yet gentle animals. For me, there is no better feeling than being close to these magnificent mammals and sharing space with them. I will always remember when I saw my first polar bear, I cried during the three hours we stayed near them. I spotted them swimming and when I left my binoculars to tell our captain, I cried again.

When I find myself in the remote Arctic, in harmony with the wildlife, I know that everything makes sense here. I know because I feel it deep inside me. It is a deep vibration that consumes my body and soul as a whole. At that moment I feel the urge to create a picture that I would remember for the rest of my life. These moments are most precious to me, something happens in me. I live for that. When I take pictures, I am somewhere else. It is my passion and purpose to serve the preservation of Arctic wildlife.

"I believe in a new perspective of capturing wildlife. In a way not possible before, a new way of learning about the white I believe these images allow us to observe and discuss their behavior north of our planet. It is more than time to act and to buy more Marine Conservation Areas. "

Photo art by Florian Ledoux: