Juan Muntaner

International, fascinating photographic art


As a young man, the Catalan photographer Juan Muntaner discovered photography as a method of preserving memories. This happened when he realized that memory was not a reliable source and that we were missing countless moments that we could have experienced. But over time, Juan Muntaner discovered that photography is even more satisfying. "When I watch photography, it opens a window that allows me to jump in and get lost thru places, textures, feelings... it's the enchanted amulet." Watching Juan Muntaner's works requires a certain sensitivity on the part of the viewer and the ability to haptically feel optical stimuli.

The subtle works live from the structures and grains in public space that we do not perceive with the naked eye, from the nature of things that pass us by and never claim to be aesthetically pleasing. But in Muntaner's work, the aesthetics of those surfaces unfold in patterns and textures that are so skilfully captured that they are breathed life into them. This is the first time that the gallery has published the artist's works in a limited edition of 100 pieces since the reserved photographer had previously gone his own way without enjoying the attention he actually deserved. We recommend a size of at least 100 cm on the longest side.

Photo art by Juan Muntaner: