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The dpa picture alliance is an 100% owned subsidiary of the dpa (German Press Agency). The dpa is the largest German news agency. In the field of image production, documentation and marketing, it is one of the leading picture agencies in the world. The main image suppliers are the Leading Members of dpa-Bilderdienste, akg-images, picture agency Huber, kpa, OKAPIA, Photoshot and Picture Press. It is said that the picture alliance archive is considered the "photographic memory" of our time. Because it currently includes around 50 million images. These time documents are published worldwide in the most important newspapers and magazines. For this reason, an exclusive partnership of picture alliance with nugloss is very special. This allows the most important, interesting and award-winning works from the vast photographic archive to be purchased for the first time as limited edition Fine Art Prints. The picture alliance archive is located in Frankfurt am Main. Our curators work closely with the picture alliance agency to add selected motifs and photographers to our portfolio. The worldwide network ensures the versatility and exclusive selection on nugloss.de. The focus is on meaningful motifs from the fields of sports, entertainment and politics.

Our portfolio contains pictures of the picture alliance on various topics. For example, there is a series on the film classic "2001: A Space Odyssey" by Stanley Kubrick. The astronaut images of the most influential film of all time, are something very special. Another series are the "Apollo 11" pictures showing the first steps on the moon. This most important historical moment of the 20. Century is exclusive to nugloss.

But also spectacular landscape shots and breathtaking portrait photographs by renowned artists can thus be acquired for the first time in a limited edition. Discover your favorite exhibit in our exclusive selection.

Photo art by picture alliance: