quality promise

Quality is not negotiable

We are firmly convinced that quality is not negotiable. The nugloss Fotomanufaktur produces to the highest technical standards and uses the experience of highly trained specialists. Museums are just as much a part of our clients as are international photo exhibitions and photo agencies, which place the highest demands on the quality and durability of our photographic art.

In addition to a high tempo, it is above all the costs that are important: Due to the on-demand process perfected by us, no images are produced on "stock", thus eliminating the high costs of storing and insuring the photographs. The principle: You order a motif - and at the same time the production starts with the production and refinement of photography. The shipping from the photomanufacture takes place directly to you - this saves time and is cost-efficient, because you receive your photo art quickly and free to your home.

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High quality & durable photo art

One of our key principles: There is no alternative to quality. That is why all photographs are hand-crafted by the nugloss photography company under the greatest care. No matter whether you opt for a finishing behind acrylic glass (NUCRYL) or choose a classic framing with acid-free passepartout in museum quality - the result is always a high quality and durable presentation of your photography and photographic art.


This modern alternative to classic framing allows a unique, frameless and very noble look. The photograph is then manually laminated to a 3mm-strong aluminum composite panel, then applied with a special silicone under pressure with a likewise 3mm-strong acrylic glass panel and UV-sealed. There are two different types of acrylic glass to choose from: The NUCRYL matte process gives the look a matt finish and no disturbing light reflections in photography. In the variant NUCRYL-glossy, photography gains an impressive depth of image due to the brilliance of the glass.


Tradition meets technical perfection: The classic look of a framed photograph, classy in a 1,7mm-strong bevel cut mat of the highest quality. For the experts among you: Our passe-partouts are acid-free and resistant to aging according to DIN ISO 9706 and 6738. Or simply: extremely durable. For our frames, we use only fine woods and real wood veneers and other noble materials such as aluminum and individually made to measure. No frame off the shelf - in the nugloss photo manufactory every image is assembled manually and carefully. So you get the best possible result of your photographic art.


Your photograph should be on the wall - that's where it belongs. For a long time, we were looking for the optimal solution for an uncomplicated hanging system - and we have found what we are looking for: Each photograph from the nugloss photo manufactory has the optimum suspension system on the back, matched to the size and weight of the image. All you need are exact 2 screws - no matter how high or wide the picture is. Screw in the wall, hang picture, done.