Thomas Bölke

Artist interview Thomas Bölke

Thomas Bölke
biologist & PHOTOGRAPHER

About Thomas Bölke

As a creative loner and biologist, Thomas Bölke lives on a former farm in idyllic northern Hesse. Surrounded by extensive forests, he goes on extended expeditions through nature and takes his time. A lot of time. A special fascination for him emanates from places where life has to fight for its existence again and again. Places where even in daylight there is a suspicion that goblins and other mythical creatures could be at home here.

Thanks to his meditative-contemplative approach, Bölke succeeded in combining his scientifically influenced view with artistic aspects in a fairytale-like way. His works challenge us to deal with often unknown facets of nature. Their beauty, their transience. It is only in the midst of nature that he finds the appropriate stage, where his powerful fantasies can become reality. "Working with nature and at the same time creating something that does not seem of this world" - this is what drives him out again and again. There is still much to discover!

Photo art by Thomas Bölke: