Packing & Shipping

nugloss has a simple principle: quality is not negotiable. Of course, this high standard also applies to the packaging and transport of our high-quality photographs, regardless of whether you order a numini in the format 18x27cm or a large-format image with 150x200cm. Each motif is carefully hand-packed by our experts and by our partners UPS, DHL and GEL EXPRESS quickly and safely delivered directly to you.

Free Shipping

The shipment of your photography takes place within a delivery period of 12 days within Germany. If you purchase a photograph directly from the exhibition of one of our signature galleries, we will deliver on request the same day via direct courier. Books, cameras and accessories are ready to ship and have a delivery period of 1-3 days.

worldwide shipping

The worldwide delivery of high-quality photographic art is a major challenge, which requires particularly precise planning. Thus, import duties or fees are often due and in consignments such as the United States specially treated wooden boxes are prescribed. They get nothing of the all - we deliver your ordered photography "door-to-door" and take care of all shipping matters.

Do you have questions or would you like to know more about our shipping costs abroad? Write us: